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Yes We Can

Just goes to show that there are some very creative minds in this world.

The first week of School

It's amazin' ain't it... The whiff of Patrick Collins and the return of the biochem lectures.. Ah, don't forget the M&S references... How about, the many many others that become a part of it all for me? And not to mention that tomorrow I will recommence a revision of Lower Limb anatomy. Oh joy.

Heard much happening this week.. Don't really want to say too much, but I suppose they were all bound to happen sooner or later.

I've enjoyed immensely my own life of 2007, as much as I can say I did hate it too.

A new start

It's a new dawn, it's a new light.

Depressed, Down, Lost

I don't see the light. And I don't know if I should keep mugging on. I find myself uncertain about the path I chose.

The last few days have certainly cast my life into doubt. My aim and purpose are wistfully gone.

And I see myself in this abyss, friendless, alone, without the companions of my life. My family. My friends.. I feel alone in this black hole.


New resolution: Phone will be off at all times, only contactable at home. Or by email. Phone will be redundant till the release of Linux Palm OS.

It's less than a week to go till...

The exams.

It's two weeks exactly I think, till my exams are over.

It's 3 weeks, exactly that I'll be on my way down to Melaka.

It's exactly a month and two days that I'll fly to Dublin again.


It's a Story About Life

I must say, anime fans ought to look to Makoto Shinkai for any short stories in the anime medium. His latest work, released just last month, is magnificent.


Although I kind of feel somewhat mixed, having just watched the last of the three episodes. Not that I feel ripped off or anything.

It's the direction. And I learned something new. There's a genre called "Slice of Life"... and my goodness, that's a damn accurate way of putting this latest work. Because it was definitely different, the way I felt at the end, compared to say, The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

But in fairness, there's no doubting Shinkai is excellent with short film productions, with the chronological manner of this latest short film trilogy of his, it was without a doubt interesting to see how the life of one figures in two others.

Fact of life huh, that you won't always get what you want in life. That the future holds uncertainty. Perhaps this is why I loved living a life with a certain future in my tender age. Now that I am oft faced with adversity and uncertainty, I find myself either slacking or ruining myself, or I can, on occasion, rise up and keep my cool to take care of things.

There are many that I would know, who would have liked someone else when they were younger. I am no exception. I have had a variety of likings for various people, which have prompted things like nicknames, to gifts.

This latest work showed just that in the first episode. In how that, though as time flies, we never seem to keep the same, constant change is abound within and around us, and that the only thing that ever kept us in touch was the fact that we'd have shared something together in common in the old days.

It applies to me too, having realised it from watching the whole thing.

I'd say you were with someone special if you negotiated the treacherous bounds of time and distance to be able to still love that special one to this day, for several years at that. It's a reality check for the majority of us to get over an emotion we call "love" before it is too late, for once it is too late, it might just result in our own downfall early in life.

Then again, the anime is subject to one's own interpretation so...

If the first episode is about youthful care and liking for one another, the second episode is about the female crush on the main protagonist. In the 2nd episode, the girl is unable to express her love for her classmate, and despite having an uncertain future, not being the smartest girl, nor being excellent either academically or in sports, she still holds to the feeling of loving and care for the main fella, who has settled into the new locality. The main protagonist however, always seems to have a burden in his heart, a yearning for something, probably love, and from the one in his past, which happens to be the first episode. Probably. But that's something I guess you'd have to ask Shinkai yourself. I think it is really interesting how there's a sense of perseverance about achieving success, and in that, accomplishing a goal you set. But from the protagonist's point of view, I'd say he longed for his childhood friend that he still cared for, but would no longer be able to remember the same face, both having aged since those days as an early teen.

I suppose I can never say I've been in that category, but I have to admit that if the roles were opposite, I'd have to definitely say I was once in that position. But I'm rather resilient, or so I'd like to think, having stopped all form of crushes I have within a 2 year time limit. So yes, technically if I was on a crush, I initially would take 2 years to get over it, and thus was something of a timebomb. Crikey.

The final episode is basically how the main protagonist, his childhood friend, and a third character whom I am unsure of (I think might be the girl who had the crush, but I can't really tell... the hair's somewhat different, has glasses, etc.), have moved on in their respective lives. The main protagonist has basically sucked up the meaning of love, which most likely is a result of it being overused, and has since, in his mid-age crisis, gone about searching the meaning to his living. That's how I saw it. Although I have to say, it is directly related to his past. As for his female childhood friend, she's about to get married, and the 3rd character is working for a company which I'm unsure of, but it certainly makes for a somewhat weird ending, in my opinion.

I don't know what to say, honestly. Still don't.

I know the first two episodes were great, but for the last episode, perhaps I expected more of Shinkai, but still, I shouldn't complain. It was still an awesome mini-series.

It definitely moved my huge bulk of a heart, and I can guess it would move many of you who are passionate about anime as I am.

We might not live in an anime world, but the world that Shinkai created is so realistic, with all the emotion of pain, joy and the many many other things in life, that our dimension might be swapped for a Shinkai world and we'd not notice nor flinch one bit. It is that realistic.

I recommend anyone to find an English DVD which should come out in the next few months or year, hopefully. Because I think this is truly a work of art within a somewhat real-life based storyline. I know I'll be looking for it.

Facts I learned today that are true:-

Love is indeed an overused word today. Perhaps it has seriously lost its meaning? I'll learn to value the number of times I say that word, because right now, I see that I've used it on too many people whom I shouldn't have, and indeed, the first people whom I utter the word "Love" should be first and foremostly my family. Then we'll seriously consider anyone else.

Hangovers, if left for long periods, can indeed destroy the life in you. The joy, the smile and what makes you the best, it can be destroyed by an emotion, or a feeling, or just plain ol' taken away from you. I've been in that position before, but I've bounced back from heavier pains, so I'm not gonna complain.

Life is uncertain, and whatever holds in the future, we make our own, so don't rely on the world to do anything for you. We have to realise how precious time is, and how precious each and every thing we hold dearly, our memories, our childhood, and just our history, is so very important. Make the most of now. Don't look to tomorrow, see today, live today, do today.

Been spending a good half hour wasting it on a forum about this short film series. And I find myself aligned with the many who are in the forum about the ending. And as one put it, "One of the best shows that I wish I never saw, and try to forget it altogether."

I just realised something from reading all the forum posts... I want a sequel. Crap. I shouldn't say it, but I really like it.. And just that faint hope that the childhood friends would get back together...


First Serious Day

Ah, the first day of seriously serious studying.

Went a bit slower than anticipated, but I managed to cover 20 to 25 questions with full answers... Have to increase tomorrow to 30. Was sidetracked by a few important parts today.. Am truly exhausted.

What in the world can I do now? Pray, and work 100% for 3 weeks. It's gonna be a rough ride. Hang on.

Appeal to those I know

I'm writing this not just for my sake, but for your sake.

Firstly, stop worrying about me. Why? I might be the most likable and kind character on earth, but you have no idea how I really feel. This is to those who are my friends. Family, well, that's fine to worry, because at the end of the day, you're aware that you can't do anything.

I seriously feel more pressure from friends, and so I would like you all to just stop worrying and let life take its course. Honestly, I really already have an open heart to this, I know it is a big ask of me, and it's uber stressful without me having to show it. Because I can't afford to get anymore stressed up due to health implications, I'm imploring to those who know me to just stop worrying, because I really can't keep this in, that even if it is your nature to be naturally worried, I just don't like the fact that there are people totally worried about my medical course.

I really feel pressure at the moment, and one of the pressures I feel is that there are people who are thinking about what I'm up to. Stop that, and focus on yourself. I need my space. My own time.

And I need to focus on my own things rather than worry about what you're worried. Believe me, I think differently to you all. I might be adaptable, but I still have a special brain that works on its own without peer. So, please.


Secondly, I don't care, what you say, about me writing in this blog. I write this blog purely as a therapeutic notion, apart from journalling. I just can't accept the fact that you might want to tell me something and be angry about something, if you do, keep it to yourself if you have nothing nice to say, or if you want to tell me to do what. I only, and only am open to my parents and family for the next month.


Take it in, and suck it up.

I have to pass, but I want to do so being able to not feel pressured into having to pass..

I'm taking this repeats as seriously as last year, if not more, but I can't be stressed up anymore so. Go.

Fair Play, Mate!

When I receive comments, be it via MSN, or just comments on my posts, it intrigues me to find that I have this innate ability to perceive a viewpoint that actually makes sense.

Those who have known me for a long time know that I'm no stranger to being illogical, and I admit it often comes as a surprise when people find my posts an interesting read.

To be honest though, I've always been a fan of creativity. I hate reading novels, only savouring the moments I get to read my Archie comics, those Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Punisher comics that have been gradually handed down as time passes. And yet, I find my typing, and the structure of my posts, emails and so forth still pretty much intact as it would be 5 years ago.

Though, I do have a problem actually writing out a proper paragraph of material on things I learn... It's an anomaly in my style, although I have to admit, it is slowly improving.

I'm no Michael Crichton, nor am I a Tom Clancy. I'm me, and I write my own story, my own opinions, and my own life.

And although this blogging is a phenomenon that hit the world before I caught on to it, I have to admit, it is a pleasure to just sit and write, and to just share what my 2 cents are on the world, with family, friends and even those who don't seem to know me yet find me.

It's scary in a sense too... I have always believed you can perceive the personality of one who writes on a public domain. And so I have a multiple personality-complex that acts as my defense mechanism against such incidences of predictability.

I suppose my experiences with various friends and "friends" have helped form and moulded the person I am now.

It's interesting to note too, that many bloggers form their own opinion, making their blogs, in a sense, rather political. It's not to put them down, but I noticed that people who are inhibited by a conservative society, find themselves lashing out on their "creativity" on a post, thus streaking it with their biased opinions, criticisms, and hence, in some countries, breaking the law.

It is true that some laws are ridiculous.

But if you live in a country that has "ridiculous" laws, then why don't you migrate to one which doesn't have that tag on it? Or maybe, just write it in a journal? It's not a necessity, after all, to create anything political, or to share something that perhaps should not be said in public. After all, the opinions of one won't change a population of 20 million overnight via a blog.

There are many outlets to creativity. Drawing, writing, creating a home video (sounds wrong, I know, but it's true), typing on a blog, and so forth. But just because an outlet is closed off, doesn't mean it is a time to make a statement of intent to challenge it. Instead, get on with it and place it in a journal or something.

Sometimes, after all, some things aren't made to be said in public.

A blog is merely an outlet. Maybe if you have a problem expressing yourself here, try the journal. Or draw. Or just go for a long walk.

[A 12 minute blogpost production]